Pegasus Meeting Notes - November 2019

Pegasus Radio Control Airplane Club

November 2, 2019

7:00 PM Saturday Boonsboro VFW                                                                             

Prepared by Secretary – Mike Frey

17 Members Present

Officer Items                                                                                                                    

  1. Call to Order 7:09PM – Gary
  2. Secretary Report – Mike Frey – minutes from the March 2019 meeting
  3. Treasurer Report – Joey Hagan
    1. 64 Current Members
    2. Bank Account Balance review
    3. After membership dues, event proceeds, donations, and all club expenses, club finished year roughly $150 in the positive.
  4. President Report – Gary – Update of Club and FAA/AMA changes for Model Aircraft in controlled airspace, 400’ Altitude Limits, CBO with HGR


  1. Grass Mowing – Overall everyone satisfied with mowing in 2019 although towards end of year needs closer monitoring and mowing may have not been needed as much.
  2. 2019 Wing and Wheels Static Display at HRG- Last minute display so not all members were notified. Next year will try to prepare more ahead of time to include all that are interested in helping. 
  3. Membership Dues – Due to status of club account, dues will remain the same for 2020.
  4. Trash Removal – Special thanks again to John Ausherman for handling bulk of the trash removal.
  5. Colin gave successful Barn Burner Shootout event report.
  6. Fun Fly Potlucks huge success in 2019 although better turnout on Sat vs Sun
  7. Reminder of Flight Line courtesy – no issues this year.
  8. Pap- Thanks to Joey for getting the millings delivered for the driveway and both Joey and Mike for hand raking the entire drive.


  1. CBO agreement with HGR Formalized over the summer since Pegasus is in Class D Airspace.
  2. 2020 IMAC – Brad Davey April 25-26, 2020 – Also Possible Regional Finals IMAC contest in Oct 2020. More info to come in Spring Meeting.
  3. Field Clean Update – TBD March Meeting
  4. 2020 Pegasus Barn Burner Shootout Dates Colin and Pap – TBD March Meeting
  5. Reminder of Club Dues – Pay at Nov Meeting – $75. Pay until Jan 21st – $80. Pay after Jan 31 – $85
  6. Monthly Fun Fly Potlucks in 2020- Date TBD March Meeting
    1. Have on Saturdays with rain date on Sunday.
    2. Have more fun-fly type competitions at these events. (egg drop, all up last down, etc.)
    3. Special Shrimp Feed will try to do earlier next year – possible Sept. 
  7. Club will replace FPV Quad track gate material for next year.
  8. HCC STEM event in Late Oct. If notified in time Mike will try to put together display at the Hagerstown College for this this event in 2020.
  9. President Club Awards – Joey, Mike, Bruce
  10. Safely Officers for 2020 – Ed Kirkoff, Duane Hughes
  11. No New Business
  12. No new Officer Nominations – Pap Motions to keep board as is- All in favor.

Gary Hartle – President
Collin Clohan – VP
Joey Hagan – Treasurer
Mike Frey – Secretary

  1. Spring Meeting will try to get Salvation Army Gym for Meeting and indoor fly in Early March – TBD

Meeting Adjourned 7:57PM